Commercial Photography: Minimum Megapixels

Commercial photography, like most other industries, has a business standard which every photographer should adhere to. One example of this is the use of metapixels. The higher the number of megapixels that a camera (particularly a digital camera) has, the better quality the image will be. This is also the deciding factor in how large you can make a print before it becomes grainy and unattractive.

Materials Needed

  • Camera
  • Knowledge of megapixels
  • An understanding of what the job requires

Five Megapixels

Five Megapixel cameras produces high-quality photographs, and are used by both serious amateurs and professionals. They can be used to create prints of 11 x 14 inches (the very minimum size used in commercial photography.) If you take photographs with a camera that has a lower resolution, they will not turn out as well. Taking photos using a one-or two megapixel camera will give you the reputation of an outdated photographer. Use of these low-resolution pictures ended years ago.

Six Megapixels

As you become more professional, you will begin to experiment with different numbers of megapixels. Six megapixels is the ideal number to use when selling your photos to commercial photography agents and sales outlets. A six megapixel camera is the minimum megapixel you need if you want to sell one-page pictures to magazines and brochures.

Professional Megapixels

More megapixels means better quality photos. Larger professional Megapixel sizes are used differently in the commercial photography industry. For example, a 12 megapixel camera works well for for large posters used in railway advertising or public venues. When using these kinds of megapixels, you must be careful to frame your picture well. Any small flaw in the composition of the picture is easily noticed in this size picture. Also, beware of cropping and digital enhancement. Unless you are a professional computer enhancer, you will only make the finished billboard look sloppy and unattractive. For smaller resolutions, such as a magazine page, you can use a 10 megapixel camera. This resolution will be acceptable for 2-page photographs, and is often the minimum that will be accepted by most stock photography agencies: so if you are trying to break into this field, remember to check that your camera is top-notch.

XL Megapixel Cameras

Sometime in your professional career, you may be offered the chance to work with a very large canvas such as a truckside. These enormous travelling billboards are a great opportunity to showcase your work across the country. In order to take the best shots, you need a camera with a very high number of megapixels. Use of 12 megapixels or less will not work. Even a 24 megapixel camera will probably not be enough. What you need is an XL megapixel camera. Most of these cameras are too expensive for a beginner photographer, but as your career progresses, these types of XL Megapixel cameras are a must-have.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: