Camera Movement: Understanding Zoom In

When done right, camera movement can add depth to your story. If you're filming a narrative, appropriate camera movement can even take the place of words and dialogue. One such powerful tool is the zoom in. This has been an overused function, especially in amateur home videos. When done properly, the zoom in can tell a story in itself. Here are the different ways you can leverage on the power of the zoom in function.

Focus on a Subject

You can start your shot with a wide establishing, but if you want the viewers to veer their attention towards a particular subject, you can use the zoom in. It's best to zoom in slowly and have the eyes naturally divert towards your focus.

Depict Strong Emotion

Especially if you have a good actor that can effectively portray strong emotion, the zoom in will serve as a strong support to your story. Slowly zooming in to a close up can make the emotion larger than life.


This is a very subtle way to show your character coming to a realization. From a wide shot, zooming in to a scene at an even pace can depict heightened tension or realization.

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