Camera Movement: Understanding the Tilt

Similar to the pan, the tilt is a camera movement that is often used in filmmaking and videography. As with all the other types of camera movements, this should also be used sparingly. Tilt is done by pointing your camera up or down while keeping it at a fixed point. Imaging looking up, or looking down. Tilt up would be moving your camera upward, and tilt down would be pointing it downward. It is possible to do the tilt shot with a handheld, but it's still advisable to use a tripod. The tilt can serve several purposes in video storytelling, here are some ideas.

To Shoot Structure

If you want to take close ups of structures, such as mountains or skyscrapers, they surely won't fit in a frame. Tilting your camera from the base of the structure, up towards the peak, will show details of the structure and give viewers an idea of its size.

To Establish Size

Tilting your camera slowly up will create the illusion of bigness for your subject. Just the same, if you slowly tilt down towards your subject, it will make it appear very small.  

To Show Significance

Often, the tilt is used for showing the vertical importance of your subject. From the feet, you can tilt up towards the head to establish a significant character, especially if the attire is the prime focus of the shot.

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