Camera Movement: Understanding Pedestal Up

Some camera movements will require certain equipment, like the pedestal up. In big productions, the camera is often mounted on a pedestal that can be moved up or down during a shot. Similar to a tilt, this is for the purpose of shooting subjects and showing objects above the camera level. Only with tilting up, the camera is at a fixed point. With pedestal up, the entire pedestal and camera is raised up until the desired framing is achieved.

Performing a Pedestal Up

If you have production equipment on hand, you can use an actual pedestal to perform pedestal up. Cranes can also be used to pedestal up by moving the crane upward while keeping the camera steady. For guerilla productions, you can pedestal up using your tripod or manually lift the camera to a higher position.

When to Pedestal Up

This camera movement is often used when you wish to take a shot of a tall character or high subject. Tilting up will result in a low-angle shot, and this may not be apt for your sequence. Through pedestal up, you can retain your framing at eye level. Pedestal up can also be used to vertically move upward a certain subject or character. 

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