Camera Movement: Understanding Pedestal Down

One of the most vital camera movements you will learn is the pedestal down. Similar to tilting down, pedestal down involves lowering your framing. The difference is with tilting down, your camera is at a fixed point and is tilted to look down at your shot. The result is a high angle shot. With pedestal down, your camera is often mounted on a pedestal that can raise itself up and down. The whole camera is moved downward until the desired height and framing is attained.

Performing a Pedestal Down

Big budget productions will certainly have a camera pedestal at their disposal. This shot is then done by simply lowering the pedestal. Sometimes a crane can be used to achieve this effect. You simply push the crane down smoothly along a straight vertical line, while keeping the camera at level. If you don't have these equipment on hand, you can use a tripod to pedestal down.

When to Pedestal Down

Videographers often pedestal down to shoot a short subject at eye level. If you tilt down, you get a high angle shot and sometimes this framing is inappropriate. Through pedestal down, you still get a proper no-frills framing despite your subject's height. This camera movement can also be used to vertically pan down a subject.

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