Baby Portrait Photography vs. Candids

Taking baby portrait photography can be an ideal way to make a regular income from photography. Babies can, however, be very difficult to take photos of because they don't stay still for long. If you practice, then it should be both rewarding and profitable. You will be able to choose between taking portrait or candid photographs.

Photography can be an uncertain industry to be in. Most parents will regularly want new photographs of their children. Baby photography is often a welcome source of regular work.

Baby Portraits

A portrait is a staged photo which can create some fantastic results. Portrait photography is generally where you ask a baby to stand or sit still. You will normally then ask the baby to pose and smile. The photograph can then be taken and captured onto film. The problem with this is that young children often won't stay still for long enough to get a good photo.

Taking portraits with young babies will be very frustrating and possibly impossible. You will also find that young babies will get agitated about having to sit still for so long. They will normally be impatient and won't want to cooperate.

The advantage of using portrait photography is that you can capture high quality images. With older children, this will be a good way to get a great shot as quickly as possible.

Candid Photographs

Candid photographs are a great way to take photos of all different ages of children. This can create some interesting and unique photos, which look much more natural than portraits. Placing some interesting toys or objects on the floor is a great way to get the children interested. You will then be able to take photos of the babies.

When taking candid photos, you will need to take a large number of photographs. It's more chance than skill that you will capture a great photo. Take lots and then review them once you load them onto the computer. When taking candid photographs, it's important to get down on the same level as the child. There is no point to aim your camera downwards because this will create unwanted angles.

One of the great things about candid photographs is that you can capture some natural expressions that you wouldn't normally get to see. It will also be easy to incorporate a sense of energy into the photographs.

Which Is Best?

Whether you use portrait or candid photos is completely up to you. There's no right or wrong answer. Talk to the parents to find out which type of photo they would prefer. Candid photos are much more natural, and these might suit some families better. Also consider the age of the children you are taking photos of. Candids are suitable for children of all ages including very young kids.

You could of course take a combination of both candid and baby portraits to create an unique and interesting album. Taking photos of children is challenging, but it can be very rewarding at the same time. With some patience, you should be able to make both of these techniques work for you.