Advantages of Including the Color Bars When Recording

If you're serious about shooting video, then you should take a lesson from the professionals and add about ten to thirty seconds of color bars at the beginning of every scene you shoot. Why should you do this, you ask? Well, adding color bars to your video is going to make the color correction process that happens in post production a lot easier.

Color bars have been around since color was first being broadcasted. They're a universal reference that people can use to find the true, correct colors of video. Most digital prosumer and professional digital cameras have a function that allows you pull up a color bar menu from the camera's computer. Every camera is different, but you can access it through the menu, a switch, or by holding two buttons down at the same time. Consult your manual to see the proper procedure.

Instead of relying on color bars, you can also invest in a color chart. Set the chart up on a wall, position it so it fills the frame, and shoot it dead on. This will make your color correcting much easier, because the color chart is subjected to the same lighting conditions as the scene you are shooting.

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