8 Used Camera Equipment Accessories

If you are starting out in the world of professional photography, consider saving money by buying used camera equipment rather than expensive new pieces. In order to fill your camera kit, you may want to take a look at the different types of used camera accessories available for sale. Here are a number of items to consider.


Take a look around at different online camera accessory websites or take a visit to your local camera shop. Start by looking at purchasing a printer. You will want to purchase a printer that is capable of imaging your photos on quality photo paper. If you like to print your photographs in different sizes and on different sized paper, look for a printer that will allow you to feed in the sizes you are considering.

Camera Bag

If you do not have anything to carry your camera and camera parts, you may wish to purchase a used camera bag. The camera bag should be sturdy enough to fit all of your pieces and parts, and it should have pockets that will zip and protect each of these pieces and components.

Battery Charger

You may be able to find a used battery charger for sale. It might be a good idea to keep one battery charger at your home and another in your studio. Keeping a battery charger with you when you are on location will ensure that you can complete your photography assignments on time.


A tripod is a great accessory to have. If you have trouble keeping your hands steady or if you need to shoot your photographs in a steady and stationary state, you may want to consider purchasing a tripod. Using a tripod, you will have the ability to take many photographs of your subject at different angles, heights and different states. It is such a great and convenient camera equipment accessory to have as part of your professional photography camera kit.

Memory Cards

If you have a digital camera, you will want to make sure you have a bunch of memory cards at your fingertips. You will need to make sure you can take as many photographs as you wish without running out of memory space and room.

Extra Lenses

Take advantage of the lower costs by purchasing an extra lens or two. Maybe you have just gotten familiar with a telephoto lens or maybe you only use a wide angle lens. Try to experiment and broaden your scope of photo taking abilities through the utilization of a different lens.


It is always a great idea to keep an extra pack of cords with you. Cords are used to connect your camera to your printer, they are used in your battery charger and they are used in other pieces of camera equipment.


If you wish to view a photograph right away on a little larger screen, it is a great idea to purchase a used laptop that has enough power and memory to display great digital photographs.

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