7 Tips to Improve Product Photography

Product photography relies a great deal on the photographer's ability to be creative and imaginative. This realm of the industry involves taking pictures of products to use in advertising materials. Read on for several tips on how to improve your product photography shoot.

1. Avoid Reflections

Avoid reflections in your photographs. Set up one main light, and then try to use natural light as the basis for your shoot. There are several reasons why you should avoid any reflection.

  • It reduces the amount of shadows you will see in your photograph
  • It will create a much softer line in the product you are displaying
  • It enables a brighter exposure

2. Use Solid Color Backgrounds

White tends to be the most popular color when taking photographs of different products. If white is not available then you should stick to a solid color. If you use a background filled with designs and colors, it will detract from the product you are trying to highlight.

3. Use Proper Lenses

Product photography depends heavily on the ability to shoot a photograph at close range. You need to be able to zoom into the product without distorting the image or the photograph. This is very important. Choosing the lens that will remove distortion and keep your image sharp is one of the best purchases you will make for your business.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Natural light is preferred when taking photographs of products. That being said, you should always avoid taking the photographs in the direct sun. This will increase the shadow effects and the harsh lines in your product.

5. Focus on Side Lighting

If you are looking to apply a light to your photograph shoot, focus on side lighting. Side lighting creates a soft effect on the product.

6. Use Angles

When you shoot the different products, do not shoot directly down on the product. Try to take many different photographs with varying angles. Use everything from a 30 degree to a 90 degree angle when shooting your photograph. This not only helps to highlight the product but it makes the product look interesting and appealing to the naked eye.

7. Use a Shooting Table

If you are having a tough time putting together your lighting for your product photo shoot, try to use a shooting table. A shooting table is made of plexiglass. Add a strobe light to the bottom of the shooting table with two softboxes or an umbrella. This will create the right amount of lighting for your product shoot.

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