7 Professional Photographer Services Offered

As a professional photographer, you may have to do more than just take pictures. Below are 7 different services that you might offer as a salable item or service to your client base.

1 - Sessions

If you are a photographer that spends most of the time in a portrait studio, you can charge for your session. This is pretty much a charge for your time. This includes all the time you spend to setup the studio and prepare it for your client. It includes the time you spend getting your subject ready for a photo shoot. It includes the time you spend taking the pictures.

2 - Editing

Some clients and photos require editing. Even if you did not take the photographs in the first place, you can charge for editing. In fact, editing of photos is very big business. In order to be a great photo editor, you must invest in a good software program that will allow you to edit your photographs digitally. You can charge per photo, or for the types of edits you will routinely perform.

3 - Coloring

Re-coloring, adding color or removing colors are services you can charge for. You must have a photo editing software on your computer in order to digitally edit

4 - Printing

If you have a printer or the capability to print photographs, you can charge for this service separately. You may also create a book or album of the photos selected by the client.

5 - Matting and Framing

Have expertise in framing and matting? Charge extra! That's right, besides charging for the actual frame and matte, you can throw in an additional charge for making sure the photograph gets framed and matted appropriately.

6 - Advertising Skills

If you spend a lot of time in main stream advertising and if you are great at getting wonderful photographs of products, you will start to develop an expertise regarding product advertising and the emotion invoked through photographic symbols of the products and services.

Consider offering your expertise and advise as a service to your consumer base. They will gladly pay for your expertise. They would rather spend the money up front to have a salable unit or product rather than develop many ads and waste time, never reaching the intended audience.

7 - Concierge Service

Will you shoot on location? If you will, add in a concierge service and charge for it. This is an extra add-on that some people would be more than happy to pay for, just to know that they have the right person there for the job at their very special occasion.

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