7 Natural Photography Poses

If you are serious about making it as a professional photographer then it's essential that you spend time learning about the various photography poses which can be used to add interest to any photo. These poses make your photos look more special and interesting.

There are many different poses which you can use to make the most out of your photos, but all of these will create slightly different results. Choosing the best pose will take patience and practice.

1. Natural

Natural things always look much better than anything artificial. If a photo is overly staged then this will look inferior in comparison to a natural looking photograph. Don't over think the photo poses, instead you should allow them to behave as they naturally would.

2. Pleasing the Kids

If you are taking photos of a family then make sure you please the kids and keep them interested. Tell the adults that they have to play around with the kids. This way the children will be much happier and the chances of getting a good photo are much higher. We don't spend long with our kids anymore which is why it's so useful to make them the center of attention when trying to take photos.

Step 3 - Turning It into a Game

If your family have selected some sample poses that they like then this is a great way to turn taking photos into an interesting game. Try and get the kids to copy the poses in the photos, this can have some very funny effects if done correctly. Natural looking poses always look much more fluid than staged shots.

Step 4 - Children

When taking photos of young children, natural poses are always the best option. Actually getting children to hold a pose can be very difficult and you will find this is even more difficult the younger they are. Children like all humans are naturally curious, you can use this to their advantage. Distract them and take their mind off having photos taken, you should find that the children will become much more relaxed and photogenic.

Using a small noise like a whistle or a bell should get the child to look at you and with any luck they will be happy and smiling.

Step 5 - Portrait Photography

When taking portrait photographs the best thing to do is encourage the subjects to be relaxed and calm. If you don't relax then this will make the photos look staged and unnatural. Taking portraits will be easier when the subject is sitting down. Ensure that the chair isn't too big and that it doesn't distract from the people in the photo.

The best photos are those which are smiling, try and encourage the subject of the photo to smile and look interested. If you can make the person in the photo smile then you will be able to create great portrait photos.

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