7 Editorial Photographer Techniques

An editorial photographer will take photos for magazines and newspapers. These photos are not used for advertising products, but in articles. Anybody writing a magazine will need access to a source of photographs. He will either employ someone in house to do this, or he might buy photos from freelance photographers. Editorial photography is different to commercial photography because the photos are not sold for advertisements, but only used to accompany the content in magazine articles.

Take High Quality Photos

These photos will be printed out and used in magazines and newspapers. For this reason, the quality of them must be top notch. Always buy the highest quality equipment that money can buy, and make sure that your camera is set in the highest quality modes. There's no point buying a 12 mega pixel camera if it is set in 4 mega pixel mode. Make sure that you buy a bigger memory card rather than trying to save space by compromising the quality.

Take Lots of Photos

When shooting for newspapers or magazines, it's important to take lots of photos. You can't wait for ages for the opportunity to come and then take a single photo. Instead, you should be taking as many photos as possible. To do this, buy a high speed memory card and a camera that works as quickly as possible.

Get There Fast

When trying to sell photos to newspapers, it's essential that you get in there as quickly as possible. This is extremely important if the photos are related to a specific news event. If you don't get your photos sent in quickly, then you will lose out to the many other people who could also have shot the same event and produced similar photos.

Celebrity Photographs

As an editorial photographer, you may spend a large proportion of your time taking photos of celebrities, whether international or local. Trying to capture photos of various celebrities is very important. You can either take photos in studios or try to catch them when they are going about their normal daily activities.

Documentary Photographs

When trying to document a certain event, you will need documentary photography skills. Try and use the photography to give the reader a sense of what is really happening. These are normally taken specifically for the newspaper or magazine who is commissioning the photographs, but sometimes these are taken by freelance photographers.

Sports Photography

Taking photographs of sporting events is another popular type of editorial photography. To succeed, you will need to be able to capture photos on the move without them blurring. A high shutter speed and plenty of light will be essential to make this happen.

Candid Photographs

Sometimes, magazines want pictures of people in their natural environment without being staged. This is accomplished by taking photos without telling anyone. However, you must ensure that you are allowed to take these types of photographs in that area because it's considered as a security risk in many places.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: