6 Tips for Your Wedding Video Production Website

The purpose of a wedding video production website is to encourage visitors to hire you to capture a bride and groom's special day. A well planned website should draw traffic while producing sales.

Your website is an online portfolio and gives the first impression of your business. Your site should showcase your skills as well as look professional, neat and inviting to a visitor.

The following are some tips for creating an effective wedding video production website for your business.

1. Choose a Website Style

Choose design elements and colors that will complement your business logo and enhance the theme of your wedding video production business. You can choose traditional wedding themes or go for a more modern feel.

2. Make Your Site Stand Out

You site has to stand out against the competition in order to encourage visitors to become buyers. It should point out your areas of specialty and expertise, as well as highlight comments and recommendations from past customers.

Make sure that your homepage summarizes the services that you provide, your experience and any promotions that you are running. Include links to view wedding videos you have done as well as stills from videos.

Your homepage should give a brief summary of what you do, your experience, your specialization and anything else that makes you stand out from other photographers. You will also want to display one or more of your best photographs that will grab your visitors' attention right away.

3. Build an Online Portfolio

Create website pages that will serve as an online portfolio where visitors can see your work and what is your specialty. Use both videos and stills from your videos. Choose the best examples of your work showing uniqueness and the high quality service you provide.

Before using past clients' wedding videos, it is important to make sure that you ask for their permission to post them on your site.

4. Add Informative Content

Include articles on videography that showcase your knowledge and expertise in the field. This will establish you as a professional and will engender trust in your business.  

Include articles on choosing a digital camcorder and shooting home videos, as well as tips on video editing. These articles will not only be helpful to your visitors, but will also allow web search engines to readily find your website. The more content that you add will increase the chances and frequency that your site will be found by the search engines.

5. Make Contact Information Prominent

Add a "Contact Us" page to your wedding video production website that offers multiple methods to contact you such as your phone number, email address and physical address. Include the social networking websites that you belong to and a link to your blog.

In addition to having a detailed "Contact Us" webpage, make sure to have your phone number and email address prominently displayed on each webpage.

6. Easy Navigation

Make sure to design your site so that your visitors will find it easy to navigate. Without easy navigation, you can lose customers due to frustration with your site.

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