6 Most Common Photography Poses

There are  quite a few different common photography poses that you can use to take some fantastic pictures. The poses that will work best will depend on the types of photos that you are taking. Read on to learn about different types of poses that will make customers happy.

Group Photos

Taking group photos are some of the most complicated and difficult because you have so many people to manage. There are some techniques and poses which can make group photos look much better.

You will get best results when taking group photographs outdoors because anywhere else will have a limited amount of space. Move people around until the sunlight is accentuating most peoples features rather than casting shadows on their face. When arranging people try to arrange them in a triangle or curve to make the photo look more interesting and appealing.

The main problem with group photos is that people will quite often blink or close their eyes at different times. To avoid this problem you need to take multiple photos to ensure that at least one will be correct. If you also want to be in the photo then you should either use the timer on your camera, or alternatively use a camera remote control.

Posing Children

Children are always difficult to work with, especially since they get frustrated and annoyed very easily. Children can get impatient very quickly and they can stay interested for up to half an hour, but the quicker you take the photo the better the results will be.

Spend time arranging the children so that their heads aren't blocked from view by anyone else. Have the taller children stand at the back and the shorter children stand at the front and sides. If you're just photographing a small number of children then have the taller child sit down and the shorter ones standing beside them.

The camera needs to be positioned to the same height as the tallest child. Do anything you possibly can to make the children smile, make a funny noise, clap or anything else you think might work.

Fashionable Poses

To add interest to any photo have the people stand at a slight angle to the camera and look back at it. This will create interest in the photo and make it look more appealing. Get them to hold their hands in front of them so that it doesn't look like they are allowing the hands to fall limply at their sides.

Step 4 - Getting People to Pose

Actually getting people to pose might be slight more difficult especially if you're working with large groups or children. Be kind, patient and give them plenty of time to get to know you. The more patient you are, the better results you will be able to get.

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