6 Fashion Photography Poses

When shooting fashion, there is an unlimited number of photography poses you and the model can use. Having a good understanding of the following poses will not only be beneficial for the model, but also for you in every shoot during your career.

1. Simple Stance

In the most common stance, the model stands with feet crossed, hips slightly twisted, hands to the side and thumbnails positioned forward. This pose can be seen in many catalogs and print advertisements and helps the photographer establish a consistent, clean line.

2. Hand on Hip

The second pose type, hand on hip, obviously puts one of the model's hand to the hip and keeps all the fingers together and still. Posing with both hands on the hips simulates an hourglass shape establishing broad-narrow-broad line.

3. Both Hands Behind the Back

The third pose, both hands behind the back, keeps the elbows forward and shoulder relaxed. This also creates a different set of lines and textures for the photographer to capture.

4. Crossed Arm Pose

The forth position, the crossed arm pose, makes the model's chest broad and powerful compared to the narrow waist. No matter what theme the photographer has chosen, this pose helps any photograph make a strong, serious statement

5. Walking

Poses simulating movement are important for a fashion photographer and model to master for specific shoots. The fifth basic pose, walking, should position the model with the abdominal muscles remaining tense and the back straight.

6. Running

The running pose, the sixth position is similar to walking, but there is more emphasis on actual muscle tension and movement of limbs and hands. Movement poses are common in fashion when the theme is based on activities like exercise or sports.

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