5 Wedding Photography Poses

Weddings are a very busy time for any photographer and there are lots of things to remember including lots of different photography poses. Any professional photographer should create a list of all the photo poses that they want to take, this will minimize the chances of forgetting anything.

Listen to what the couple actually want from their wedding photos, after all these are the customers and it's these people that you must please and satisfy. Make sure that everything they want is put on the list. There are potentially hundreds of different locations and poses for each wedding, these will include the interior of the church, the reception and of course the first dance. Make sure that you are getting everything the couple want.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Camera
  • Film or Memory Card
  • Wedding

Step 1 - Getting the Family Background

It can help to know the dynamics of the family relationships, if certain family members don't get on well with one another then it's a good idea to know this well in advance so that you don't have them standing next to one another.

You will also be able to find out who the leader of the family is, and who the clown of the family is. Getting some shots of the funny uncle acting up will make the wedding photos much more memorable.

Step 2 - Portraits

Portraits will be an important part of any wedding photography package and you will need to take a number of different portraits. Again you must ask the bride and groom what they want to accomplish in the portraits.

Everyone will have different opinions of the poses they think work the best in wedding photography. Some couples want spontaneous candid photos, while others want much more formal photos.

Step 3 - Children

Children can be a handful at the best of times but when you actually want them to do something then chances are they won't be able to. Children get impatient very quickly and so you should always take their photos first. Get them into their poses well in advance and try to keep them interested by keeping the whole experience light hearted.

Turn the wedding photos into more of a game. For example try to ask them to pose like a famous celebrity. You'll be amazed at some of the things that kids come out with when asked to do something fun!

Step 4 - Always Be Prepared

You never know when the perfect pose will present itself, the best option is to always keep your camera with you. Take photos of anything and everything which you think looks interesting. Many of these won't work, but some of them will.

Step 5 - Natural

Natural poses always work best, never force anyone to smile or get into a specific pose. Poses work well for some photos, but don't make them pose for every photo.

The best wedding photo album will be made up of a wide variety of different poses and locations. Don't restrict yourself to a single posing technique because many different types are required.

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