5 Tips from the Masters for Better Architecture Photos

Architecture photos offer a distinct set of challenges for photographers. There are elements of composition which are more evident when it comes to photographing architecture. The following are five tips to take better photos of structures.

1. Consider the Context

Some types of structures need to be photographed in their correct context. This is true for older structures as well as farmhouses. For modern buildings, the context is rarely necessary. Photographing people can also help the viewer identify the function of the building.

2. Play with the Light and Shadows

The weather and timing can provide an interesting combination of light and shadows. Light passing through columns and windows can affect the ambiance of the interiors and alter the way the structure looks. The same structure can also appear differently depending on the time of the day. Photograph the same structure during different times of the day to see the effects of natural and artificial forms of light on the structure.

3. Focus on Lines and Shapes

A lot of architecture relies on the principle of symmetry. Curvilinear lines such as a long pathway can create movement in an image. Archways and windows can also become natural frames for an image.

4. Change the View

With skyscrapers and longer buildings, use various perspectives for a different look. Go at the base of a tall building and photograph straight up. This will make the image appear distorted but creates an interesting dimension to the photograph.

5. Capture the Details

Structures are made from a variety of materials. Using a macro lens will help capture the various textures that make the structure look distinct.