5 Tips for Retouching Fashion Photography

Retouching fashion photography is quickly becoming a lucrative business. You can use digital software to bring out the natural beauty in models by reducing the amount of discolorations and issues regarding the photograph. The tips listed below will help you become more practiced at retouching fashion photography.

1. Correct the Skin Tone

The models skin is one of the first things that a viewer may notice. If there are any blemishes on the skin, these will stand out like a sore thumb. If the model does not have perfect skin, you will have to give the illusion of it. Begin by using a software program that will allow you to blend the models skin into a more even tone. You do not have to make the model appear to have pasty skin that is all the same hue. This will not look natural. While a viewer wants to see beauty, they also want to see the natural side of it.

Start with small areas toward the middle of the face and work your way outward. This will prevent you from making too drastic of a change. Don't forget to whiten the teeth for a more vibrant smile. Make the whites of the eyes pop out in order to make the model appear more awake.

2. Fix Facial Flaws

Perhaps the model has a large nose or thin lips. You can manipulate the photo in order to fix these flaws. You will have to smudge the area around it in order to shape the facial feature that you would like to fix. You do not have to stop with the face. Maybe you would like to make the arms appear smaller or you feel that the feet do not match the body of the model. Remember to save your work often in case you do too much editing and need to go back to reverse what you have done.

3. Listen to the Client

While one client may not want oily skin in the photo shoot, another may want a dewy look in order to make the jewelry stand out. Be sure to ask the client what they would like before you retouch the photos. This will prevent you from looking like a fool when the client comes to you and tells you that they are not happy with your work.

4. Practice

It will take several attemps in order to get the perfect photo. Get a second opinion from a friend. What may look good to you may not appear very natural or beautiful to another. Compare your shots with other photographer friends who will tell you the truth about your work. They can even give you tips in order to get even better shots.

5. Make the Clothing Pop

While you are attempting to make the model look better, you must not ignore the fashion that is being presented in the photo. Bring more shine and light to the clothing in order to make it stand out in the photo.

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