5 Secrets of the Professional Commercial Photographer

A commercial photographer takes photographs to be sold. These photographs are used in magazines, billboards, brochures, business publications, promotional material, on the Internet and in a host of other areas. To become successful in the field, the following tips are advised.

1. Learn to See in Layers

The camera only focuses on one item at a time. Other elements surrounding the image can help or distract the viewer from the message of the image. There are three basic layers to an image: the focal point, the foreground and the background. Think of the relationship of the elements in these layers. It is the relationship of the layers which make the photograph more interesting.

2. Create a Focal Point

It only takes a fraction of a second to view a photograph and get an impression. A photographer only has this much time to create an impression and deliver the message. The viewer should be able to understand what is going on even with just a glance of a small picture. Create a focal point to the image. All other elements must be in support of this focal point or icon.

3. Use Stereotypes

Stereotypes help the viewer identify the elements used in the picture as well as the general message. Identifying stereotypes is simpler for the viewer as it only requires common sense.

4. Have a Basic Understanding of Human Nature

In general when people look at pictures, they like to see one or more of the following: humor, unusual subjects or irony. This requires more thinking but can create a great focal point and tell a great story.

5. Never Stop Working

Regardless of how much time is available, always take shots. In most cases, less than 3% can be used for the final print. The basic principle when photographing is that the more images produced, the more images that can be used.