5 Professional Photography Tips

Amateur photographers who are looking to move into the world of professional and commercial photography could benefit from the following photography tips. Starting out in professional photography without having an understanding of the things that can make you money is a recipe for disaster; and there are plenty of self-starting photographers out there ready to take your place. Read on to learn how to avoid losing money and time as you get started in the field.

Tip 1 - Build Up Your Portfolio

A portfolio is an essential piece of equipment for those starting out in the business. As you work, think about  taking stock pictures and creating an individual image that will make you stand out from the rest of the photography herd.

Tip 2 - Take Stock Photographs

Stock photography is a great way to get your foot on the professional photography ladder. Stock photographs are typically sold on to agents, who keep files of photographs, typically online, for clients to flick through. You can make sure that your photographs are noticed by making them dynamic, and using asymmetrical positioning to give your picture drama and emotion. Use your skill to create fantastic new images from traditional stock pictures of beaches, boats, and sunsets.

Tip 3 - Try Travel Photography

As well as stock photography, travel photography can be a real boon to the professional photographer. Most of the typical tourist spots have had their attractions photographed a million times; but there might be room for a different way of looking at the place: street sign posts, odd little restaurants with the signs in the country's language, and images that are completely commonplace to the country, but seem exotic and interesting to potential tourists.

Tip 4 - Practice Portraiture

Taking professional portraits is a serious business, but you must pay attention to the pose, lighting and framing of each shot. As portrait photography requires so much attention to detail (and possible long hours at the computer, airbrushing), you should perhaps wait until you are established before relying on this form of photography to make you any money.

When you are trying to photograph a difficult subject, one photography tip is to take the picture with the subject looking away from the camera, slightly turned towards the opposite wall. This can sometimes help them to relax, and forget about being photographed, and can also allow you to capture the 'impressions' of a person's character. Side portraits are also  much more flattering than face-on pictures.

Tip 5 - Be Enthusiastic

Remember that no matter what work you are given by a client, you should always enthuse about the subject which they have given you. Reassure them that you are interested, and also that you care about the end result. This will help to assur your client that you will do a good job, and also helps you to create a good working relationship which will ensure further contracts in the future. Once you are earning money for your job, you should be enthusiastic about the jobs you get: they provide challenges and variety that ensure your work is never boring.

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