5 Popular Engagement Photo Poses & Environments

Becoming engaged to be married is one of the most special moments in life, and couples who choose to memorialize this occasion with photographs will want to use appropriate engagement photo poses. There are classic as well as fun poses that a couple can choose from depending on their personality. Choosing a location that is appropriate and complimentary to the pose is an important decision. Here are five popular engagement photo poses:

1. Hand in Hand

This is a classic pose where the couple is walking hand in hand on a beach, in a field or some other romantic place. This pose works great, especially for sunset photos.

2. Almost Kissing

Another classic pose engaged couples often choose places the couple close together, holding each other, almost kissing but not quite. When captured correctly, this pose creates a feeling of suspense and often produces great results.

3. Chase

This is one of the fun poses, widely used, where one partner chases the other and the photo is taken while they are in full flight. If genuine smiles are added to this, then you have a real winner.

4. Lying Down

Another one of those great engagement photo poses is where the couple lies down and an aerial photo of them in each other’s arms is taken. This works well in a field or on a beach.

5. Swept off Her Feet

This pose normally has the man sweeping the lady off her feet and carrying her in his arms. It is classic but can be twisted into to a fun pose especially if the lady can carry the man in her arms.