5 Most Essential Pieces of Photography Equipment

Although photography equipment can be expensive, it's important to get the best pieces that you can afford. The equipment that you choose to buy will affect the quality of your photography and make it much more likely that you will be able to make it as a professional photographer.


First you should choose a camera, this is after all the most important thing for everyone. Choose a professional digital SLR camera rather than trying to use a compact camera. Compact cameras are fantastic for point and shoot family snaps, however these are not as good as a digital SLR for professional use. An SLR camera is much more accurate and allows you much more control over the picture.

All cameras feature auto-focus modes, however digital SLR cameras also feature manual modes which make it possible to take much more professional photos. Read reviews on the Internet and in photo magazines to decide which cameras are the best to buy.


Next you will need to choose lenses for your camera. A bad lens will make photos look terrible even if your camera is excellent. You must have a good camera and a good lens. Choose the right type of lens for the type of photography that you are taking. For example a telephoto lens will help you to zoom into the subject, this makes them ideal for wildlife photography. Filters can also be added onto your lenses to create different effects.

Ensure that the lenses are suitable for your camera. Quite often, you will be tied to buying lenses from your camera manufacturer.

Memory Cards

Digital cameras store photos on memory cards rather than on film, choose high capacity memory cards so that you don't have to waste time removing the cards. There are two main formats of digital memory cards: Compact Flash and SD cards. Compact flash cards are typically used in SLR cameras because they are bigger and easier to handle.

Make sure that the type of memory cards you choose are suitable for use in your camera. Choosing the wrong type will only be a waste of money.

External Flash Guns

Although almost all cameras have a built-in flash, it's not really that useful. It will be even better if you also purchase a separate external flash gun. This makes it possible to bounce the flash off walls and ceilings to produce a much more subtle look. When choosing flash guns, you should consider whether you will need to use them when you are on location. If so, you will need to consider choosing flash guns that have batteries.

Lighting Equipment

Light is very important for any photo. Studio lighting can improve the quality of any photo without needing to resort to using a flash. These aren't often portable, but there are some portable varieties available that use batteries as a power source.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: