5 Master Photographers that Offer Landscape Photography Courses

Landscape photography courses are a great way to learn how to take pictures of the countryside, and the best way to learn how to do it effectively is to take a class. Here are some master photographers that offer landscape photography courses to individuals:

1. Laura Moul

One master photographer that gives lessons is Laura Moul. Since 1991, Moul has been taking award-winning landscape photos. She is one of the few U.S. photographers who is nationally recognized by the Professional Photographic Certification Commission. She received her Master Photographer title in 2001.

2. Tim Wolcott

Wolcott is a well-known landscape master photographer who offers lessons to beginners. The class is five hours and covers the basics of how to shoot landscape photos and offers students a personal review of their portfolios. Classes are limited to six people at a time.

3. Frans Lanting

Another photographer with master status that teaches classes is Frans Lanting. Lanting is well known for his photos in "National Geographic Magazine." He is from the Netherlands.

4. Jason Friend

Jason Friend is another award winner master photographer of landscape photos. He is from Northumberland and has written 10 photography books and worked as a professional landscape photographer for more than a decade. He teaches both private and group photography workshops.

5. Simon Parsons

Yet another landscape photographer that teaches others his craft is Simon Parsons. Parsons is from Sussex in the U.K. and offers workshops in photography.