5 Key Product Photography Skills

Product photography is the cornerstone to many advertising and marketing campaigns. Pictures really are worth a thousand words when you deal in the world of products. While you can only evoke so much emotion from a write-up, it is much more powerful to evoke strong emotion from photos that are taken of the product that is trying to be sold. If you are just starting out in the field, you will want to start to practice a few key photography skills noted below.

Skill #1 - Using the Flash Correctly

Since most photographs are taken close to the product, it is important you understand how to use a flash correctly, so that light is reflected and shone the appropriate way and in the right direction when taking a shot of your product.

Skill #2 - Knowing How to Use a Tripod

Since you, as a product photographer, will photograph different inanimate objects, a tripod is an important piece of equipment in product photography shoots. Consider the following: If you shoot a photo by holding the camera, there is a good chance your hands will move. The slightest movement will cause the picture to become blurry. If you use a tripod and click the 'shoot' button, you reduce the probability of having a blurred photo. Understand how to correctly mount your camera to the tripod and work with the different angles and techniques that can be utilized with your tripod.

Skill #3 - Knowing How to Choose a Background

Unless you have a lot of financial resources at your fingertips, when you start out as a photographer you will be choosing your own backgrounds. At the beginning stages, you will not be able to rely on an art director, for example, because you simply could not afford one. So, you will need to practice your ability to choose the right background for the product you are shooting. You will need to consider solid colors and patterned fabric backgrounds for use.

Skill #4 - Know How to Use Props

Using props in your product photography is important. This does not mean you bring in trees and flowers as part of your photo shoot, but rather the types of props that should be used in product photography shoots include mounting devices and display components to better position and mount the product you will feature.

Skill #5 - Know How to Digitally Edit

Digital editing comes in handy in product photography. Make sure you pick up a photo editing software class to learn some of the basic skills on how to update and make the photo look fantastic. Not every shot can come out clean and perfect from the get go and you need to know how to get it to perfection by using a few photo altering techniques. Once you have acquired this skill, you will begin to make your climb up the ladder as a great product photographer.

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