5 Interesting Photography Jobs

Photography can be both an interesting and profitable hobby if you find the right photography jobs. Some jobs are exhilarating and very enjoyable, but what are some of the best types of interesting photography job?

Getting Experience

The Exciting and interesting photo jobs are very popular and so you will only stand any chance of getting one if you actually have some experience. If you don't have any experience, take the time now to work and start building up your portfolio. There are plenty of exciting photography jobs out there, you just need to know how to get people to want to hire you.

Travel Photographer

Becoming a travel photographer is one of the most interesting types of photography. This job provides free travel and also normally allows you to take your partner along with you for the ride. This can turn life into one big holiday. If you love traveling then you will find becoming a travel photographer is great fun.

When traveling, you will also have the privilege of photographing things that you wouldn't normally see. This includes people, different customs, nature and fantastic buildings. Being a travel photographer will never be a disappointment. You can apply for this job through a tour guide, guide book writer, or website. There are many people who visit all sorts of countries to take pictures.

Food Photographer

Another fantastic type of photography job is becoming a food photographer. These people get to dine out in some of the poshest restaurants all around the world taking pictures of the food. These photos will either accompany a review or be used in their own right on the restaurants promotional literature. Taking food is a little difficult because you have to master taking photos without using a flash.

School Photographer

Many people don't like working with children, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be a school photographer. Taking school photos is very interesting because no two days will ever be the same. Something different will happen every time. Children are very funny, and if you are good at handling them, you could be an asset to the school.

Combat Photographer

To many people, the idea of a war or combat photographer doesn't sound that exciting. However, if you're the sort of person who loves action, then this could be your dream job. You basically get to follow the military around taking photos. These photos are often used for press reports and official documentation of the conflict. There are, however, some obvious risks with working in a hostile environment.

Wildlife Photographer

Another option is becoming a wildlife photographer. This job isn't for everyone, but if you like nature and animals and can keep quiet for a long time, then it might be an ideal job for you.

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