5 Headshot Photographer Networking Tips

Are you a budding headshot photographer? Are you looking for different ways to begin to develop and maintain a great client base and business? Networking is an essential part of anyone's business development process. If you have not tried to network or if you really do not know how to approach it effectively, then read on. Below you will find a how-to guide of networking for headshot photographers. Have fun building your fantastic business!

1 - Find Networking Groups

First thing you will need to do is find out what is around your local area. You need to take a look online and research local networking groups in your zip code or your city radius. You should also look in different restaurants or diners. Diners tend to be popular meeting spots for the networking groups and you can usually either find a posting on a bulletin board or you can ask the owner or a waitress for information. They will gladly help you. 

2 - Start a List

Start to develop a list of all the networking groups in the area and do some research on them. You will just need a little bit of organization skills to accomplish this task.

3 - Rank the Networking Group List

Start to rank this list in terms of which are the most desirable to you and which may not have the highest priority for your attendance. How are you going to decide this, you may ask? Well, that is easy. Start to look at how many participants each group has. You definitely want to join a group that has many different types of participants. Look for a diverse networking group. A group that has many different professions attending. Then you need to take some time to research what principles the group stands for. For example, is the group more of a socially oriented group or is it a networking group that demands lead generation? You definitely want to find a group that has lead generation capabilities. After all, this is one of the primary reasons to network!

4 - Bring Business Cards & Develop Sales Pitch

Once you have found your networking group, you need to bring business cards with you to every meeting. Above this, you need to develop your sales pitch. How do you do this? Well that's easy. Think about the top 3 or 4 things you would like to tell something about your business. What is important for them to learn? What makes your headshot photography unique?

5 - Solicit Business

Begin to solicit the business of the individuals in the group. If your networking group has many different single business owners or independent contractors, you can be sure that many of them need to have a headshot for a website or a business card. Offer these people something free to have them try out your services before they begin to provide you with leads or referrals! Above all, have fun!

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