4 Websites to Get Stock Photography for Free

There are lots of resources online to get free stock photography; you can get royalty free photos for your websites and projects. These are some of the more popular websites.

1. Openphoto

Open Photo has over 15,000 stock photographs available for free. There are lots of different categories with clear thumbnails. Animal photos, photos of people, still life photos, clip art and more is available. You can see what the pictures will be like before you download them.

2. Geekphilosoper

Geek Philosopher is a fun website for stock photography at no charge. It is visually appealing; you'll want to look though and see what they have to offer. The website is easy to navigate and has everything from animals to events to people. While there is not as large of a selection of photos on this website, the selections are of high quality.

3. Freephoto

Right off the bat, you'll see that this website has a free Adobe Photoshop 6.0 download to offer. The bonus photo editor draws visitors in to check out the stock photographs. The stock photos feature aviation photos, aerial shots and everything in between. This website features some different content than some of the other websites. The photos are of good quality and worth checking out.

4. Istockphoto

Istockphoto is another good site to get stock photographs for free. Sign up for a free account and get access to hundreds of royalty free photos. There are lots of different kinds to choose from. The search option for stock photography is helpful to find exactly what you need.