4 Ways to Photograph Sports

For a photographer, sporting events offer great opportunities to get incredible shots that need to be captured in a blink of an eye before they're lost forever. Here are 4 tips to help you photograph sports

1. Use Long Lenses

You need to have an assortment of telephoto lenses with you so that you can capture the action in all of its glory from a far distance. You can't run onto the field to get your shots, so you need to compensate by using your lenses to get close to the action. You should also have a really nice zoom lens as one of your tools too. Although using different telephoto lenses for different circumstances will give you a greater depth of field over a zoom, sometimes the action is happening too fast for a lens change. The athletes won't wait for the photographer.

2. Divide and Conquer

If you know the action is going to stay in one section of the field, then pick an appropriate lenses and stick to that area. You might not be able to get a ton of photos, but the ones you do get will look great. If the action is constantly moving, then switch to the zoom to keep up.

3. Don't Get in Anyone's Way

As the photographer, your job is to stay out of the way and observe. Don't ever wander into the field or into the players area. The athletes are working hard for the game, and the last thing they want to see is some photographer in their way. If you're at the game as an amateur photographer, then don't wander anywhere a ticket holder isn't supposed to go. 

If you're there on a press pass, then there is a designated area that you're supposed to stay in. You can get great shots from there; that's why that particular area was selected. The quickest way to make enemies and never be invited back is to wander out of that area for a better shot.

4. Take a Ton of Photos

Because the action happens so quickly, you're going to have a lot of photos where the framing is horrible or the subject is out of focus. Don't get depressed, just keep shooting. You're there to photograph the game, so try to be taking pictures for the entire time. If you take a few hundred shots, then the odds are going to be good that a few will be amazing.

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