4 Ways to Learn Photography

Photography is both an art and a science. There are many ways to learn photography as a craft, and you should select a method that's best for you.

Art School

Art school can be beneficial, but it can also be expensive. Here you will gain classroom instruction, teacher guidance, the opportunity to shoot your own photos and discover who you are as an artist. Graduating from art school is not going to make or break your career though and there are other ways to learn photography that are just as effective.

Photography Books

Studying the works of the photographers before you helps develop your style. You can see what you like and don't like and find a style that you want to aspire to. Photography is all about lighting and exposure. Learn about f-stops and study the lighting in photos you enjoy. Read lighting and understand color temperatures.

Look through photography books and study the lenses. Examine the same shot with different lenses to see how they change the framing of a picture. You want to develop the skills to look at a photo and have a close idea of what lens was used.


Photography is a craft that requires a lot of skill and knowledge to turn into a living. Work as an assistant for a photographer you admire. It's important to have a mentor that you can look up to. It's also important to learn from someone with a ton of experience who can teach and mold you into a pro.

Learn By Doing

Grab a camera and shoot your own stuff. This is the best way to learn. See what you like and don't like in your art. Develop your style and find yourself as an artist. You'll also gain the experience of planning and executing a photo shoot.

Shooting on your own is also the best way to hone your technical skills. When you're inexperienced you're going to make some mistakes. Maybe you'll measure the exposure wrong or the color temperatures will be out of balance. Whatever screw ups happen on your early shoots most likely won't be easily repeated once you start gaining experience.

It's important to learn these skills before you try to pass yourself off as a professional. Reputation is everything in this business and a good way to damage yours is to come off as incompetent. Hone your craft before you try to make a living out of it.

Now it's time to get away from the computer, grab you camera, and go outside.

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