4 Tips for Stunning Wildlife Photos

Wildlife is fun to observe and taking wildlife photos can be an exciting hobby. Here are some tips to help you along in taking stunning wildlife photos.

1. Get the Right Equipment

For great wildlife shots, the equipment used must be good. To prevent subject crowding while having shots that fill the frame, a 35 mm single lens reflex digital/film camera with interchangeable telephoto lenses is what you need. For shots where you can get near your target, a point and shoot digital camera will also work. If you have a tripod, a heavy one, it will really help you when taking very sharp shots, mainly when using bigger telephoto lenses. This is because a tripod that is not firm will cause you to have fuzzy or soft images as the lens multiplies movement.

2. Use Blinds for Close-Ups

Since a telephoto lens is costly, you will need to set up blinds for close shots. Blinds can be found at good sporting goods shops or you could make some using old tent frames and material that camouflages.

3. Consider Composition

For stunning wildlife photos, you need to frame your subject. Leave room in front of the animal, bird or whatever you are shooting to allow movement without getting out of focus, and ensure that you focus well. If detail is not needed, a shot that is cropped tightly works well, but if the subject’s environment is needed, then you need to consider the background.

4. Ensure Proper Timing

For wildlife, the best times are before meals, so early morning or late afternoon are the best for photographs. The animals are active and the sun rays are not strong enough to distort the images in your wildlife photos.