4 Tips for Improving Architectural Photography

Whether you are starting out in the field of architectural photography or a seasoned professional, the following tips will help you make the most of each shoot.

1 - Do Not Focus on Pretty

You photographs do not have to convey the aesthetic aspects of a building. Instead, focus on the angles, qualities and surrounding characteristics. You are taking photographs of things that have stark horizontal and vertical lines. A great photograph conveys these lines in the most raw and true forms.

In addition, you capturing a feeling, a surrounding and a space. Buildings can be found in different settings and sometimes there is just as much to say about how the building got to that setting as there is to say about the building itself. Capturing this essence is an art form.

2 - Use Wide Angle for Old Structures

Many old structures deserve space. Taking photographs of these old buildings usually requires a great wide angle lens. For these types of photograph shoots, you are focusing more on the surroundings than you are on the lines of the buildings. You are focusing on creating the story and the context for the photograph.

3 - Crop

This is going to take a little bit of computer software knowledge. Every one of your photographs of different buildings and city scapes can and should be cropped. Some of the best photographs have been cropped. Many architecture photographers learn how to crop out all of the background, leaving the structure as the only thing left in the photograph.

4 - Capture the Weather

As an architectural photographer, never just visit a building once. You need to keep coming back to that building and that location. You need to take the building at different times of day and even at different times of year. You will be amazed at how different the building or architectural component looks during the different seasons and when lit at different times. One last addition, taking the building at different times shows how it relates to the different context and landscape.

Each of these tips and steps outlined in this how-to guide will help to show how accomplished and disciplined you are as an archiectural photographer.

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