4 Tips for Advertising Your Photography

Advertising photography work is crucial for the exposure of your business or freelance services. From local advertising to the Internet, it does not require a huge budget to expose your work to potential customers. Follow these tips to increase business.

Tip #1: Local Businesses

Take advantage of local businesses. The best way to do this is to identify local establishments related to the services you offer. For instance, if you do a lot of wedding, event, or childrens' sports photography, it would pay to contact wedding shops, agencies, and community centers in the area, respectively.

Such local businesses can be a great way to expose potential consumers to your work. You could also speak to local photography shops and places which process prints to possibly advertise. These types of places offer a number of potentially interested customers for a comparatively cheap way to advertise.

Tip #2: At the Event

If you work in areas where you are with your potential customers, the absolute best way to advertise is right there. To take the previous examples, weddings, events, and childrens' sports all offer great ways to advertise, as a great percentage of your targets are present.

Remember to have an adequate number of business cards on hand to give out to people. If guests can purchase photos on your website, this is an added bonus. However, if you do not have that ability on your website, this is a great way to increase business.

You can also include promotions if you'd like. Guests at important events will be very interested in what you have to offer.

Tip #3: Facebook

Social networking websites offer an unlimited audience. Thus, you can reach a number of customers which may be interested in your work.

Facebook allows you to create a page for your business. Once you do this for your photography, people who like your work can follow your progress.  Make sure your profile has a good number of quality examples to draw people in.

This will enable you to advertise your work. Those who follow you will be able to see your status updates. One of the best ways to advertise here is to update your status with important information for your business. This can be a way to increase sales and interest to your website.

Tip #4: Promotions

People love promotional sales. This is also applicable to photography, which can make a huge difference in interest and sales in your services and products, respectively.

Keep your website up to date with information on any promotions you are running. You do not have to constantly run promotions to draw new customers. For new customers, having a no-obligation session or a discount on one's first purchase represent ways to draw new customers. 

Keep your audience updated. Using promotions with the previous step is also effective. Update your status to make additional people aware of any specials you are running to obtain additional interest.

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