4 Secrets of the Professional Sports Photographer

Being a good sports photographer is not just about going to games and taking pictures. It takes a lot of preparation, intuition, and a few tricks of the trade. It can be hard to earn a living from it, without knowing these tricks. Each photographer has its own habits, but there are a few secrets that every sports photographer of them shares.

1. Lighting and Fill Flash

When you think of photography, you think of light. The most basic and important part of a good sports picture is having good lighting. This is easier on large national stadiums that are well lit, but if you’re working in a poorly lit environment such as a college gym, you’ll need to use fill flash. Fill flashing means adjusting the exposure and light balance to the available light.

2. Knowing the Game

If you’re shooting basketball, you need to know and follow the game. Knowing the game means you can anticipate a perfect opportunity for a shot, such as having a 3-pointer shot at the buzzer. You don’t want to miss taking a picture on a game-winning shot.

3. Position Yourself

You should always aim for a position that gives you a chance of having a great background. If you’re in a big arena, you might want to capture the crowd. If the arena is outdoors, you want to snap a city landmark in the background. The details are just as important as the star in the foreground.

4. Follow the Stars

If you’re covering a team sport, focus on the stars. From a sports photographer's point of view, they are the most likely candidates for great pictures.