4 Popular Websites for Wildlife Stock Photography

Wildlife stock photography websites are all over the Internet and you can choose from a number of popular ones. These websites basically offer thousands of wildlife photographs for you to enjoy, and some of them even allow you to download the photography for free. They have vast galleries of photos that are classified into different categories for easier navigation. Here are four popular websites for wildlife stock photography:

1. Kimballstock

This is a website with thousands of wildlife images that are categorized into different sections. You can search for specific animals that you may want to see such as dogs, penguins or giraffes. You may also search according to location or activities.

2. Natural Exposures

Naturalexposures is another wildlife stock photography website that you can visit which is quite comprehensive. It offers detailed descriptions of the photos, where they were taken and the experience that came with them. It is a website made by Daniel J. Cox; he exposes wildlife as he captures its essence.

3. Wildlife Stock Photos

The site offers royalty free photos for visitors who want to use and copy the photos from the site. On the main page, you will immediately see a very comprehensive list of categories that you can choose from. Just click on one of these categories and see the awesome pictures. There is also a search bar where you can type the keywords of the photo that you are looking for.

4. Critterzone

The website presents to its visitors not just photos of wildlife animals, but also of nature in general. Upon opening the site, you will find a couple of categories that further branch out into sub-categories of wildlife stock photography and nature stock photography.