4 Popular Websites for Seascape Photography

The Internet is filled with videos and photos, including a variety of seascape photography websites. They usually include seascape photos, their corresponding photographers and some explanations about the photos. Here are four popular websites for seascape photography:

1. PhotoLinks.com

PhotoLinks.com is a website which basically connects you to the sites where you can find the specific photos you are looking for. As the name states, it links you to the sites of your preferred images so that you can browse and find what you are looking for more quickly.

2. PatrickSmithPhotography.com

Patrick Smith is a professional photographer who enjoys the landscape and seascape found all over the world. He captures this interest with his camera and shares his passion with the world. The site presents the different places Patrick has been to and the photos he took of those places.

3. FineScenery.com

This website presents landscape and seascape photos which are divided into categories. These are then divided into sub-categories which have numerous photos you can choose from. They are all available for viewing and you can also rate them.

4. RichardVanHoesel.com

Richard Van Hoesel put up this site to share his photos of landscapes and seascapes. It is a pretty straightforward site and you just have to go to the gallery and see the pictures. This site contains magnificent shots which novices can use as samples when studying seascape photography.