4 Popular Websites for Black And White Portrait Photography

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Even in this day and age when most people prefer color pictures, there are some striking effects that can be done with black and white portrait photography. Here are some of the most popular websites that have information on black and white portrait photography:

1. Qailnoglephoto.com

This site is run by photographer Gail Nogle, who was born in New York. She specializes in doing black and white portraits of children. She obtained a Master of Photography in 1981. Her studio is located in Dallas, Texas, and she is also for hire for other locations.

2. Dodgenphotography.com

Dodgen Photography’s website not only does portraits, but can also use them to create calendars and other gifts featuring your photos. They specialize in black and white portraits of families and children. The site is run by Jeremy and his wife, Judy Dodgen. Jeremy is the photographer in the family and Judy has a degree in family and child therapy.

3. Linnealenkus.com

This is another website that features black and white portrait photography of children and a unique place for portraits of expectant mothers, as well. They offer portraits of families, children, and even nude portraits. The photographer is Lennea Lenkus, who is located in Pasadena, California.

4. Philipwood.com

Canadian photographer Phillip Wood does black and white portrait photography of children, as well as excellent candid shots. He has been in the business for more than 30 years. His studio is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.