4 Photography Websites to Study for Aspiring Pros

Professional photographers need photography websites they can go to in order to sell photos, learn more about photography, and pick up hints and tips. Here are some of the photography websites geared towards aspiring pros:

1. Photo.net

This site gives info about cameras and helps professionals learn more about types of photography like wedding. It also lists ways to get both free and paid accounts; professionals can upload their portfolios and get critiques on their photos.

2. Flickr

This site has communities of photographers and lets users upload their pictures and even sell them to people. Or, they can just use it to share photos with friends or relatives. It’s good for those wanting to go professional because people can comment on uploaded photos and give the photographers a critique of them. This helps them learn how to take a better picture. Users can also link photos to blogs or places like Facebook.

3. Istockphotos

This website shows aspiring photographers some of the stock photos on the web. They can also upload photos to it to try to sell them. It contains thousands of kinds of pictures they can browse through to get ideas.


This site is useful for aspiring photographers, also. It comes from "Professional Photography" magazine and has a lot of valuable resources for tips, hints and ideas. There is a gallery for photos and lots of articles, info on selling pictures, etc.