4 Master Contemporary Photographers

If you are studying photography, you should include a lesson on contemporary photographers. Here are some masters that have helped to shape the art of contemporary photography.

1. Robert Adams

Robert Adams captures the destructive effects of humans on the environment. Although people are rarely the focus of his work, their presence is strongly reflected in his images. His photographs help to emphasize the importance of conservation and environmental protection.

2. Mitch Epstein

Mitch Epstein photographs the simplistic yet interesting aspects of everyday life. His works include a variety of subjects ranging from post-war Vietnam to the tragedy that struck his family’s business. Epstein has also focused on using his images to educate the public about environmental issues.

3. David Graham

David Graham focuses on the bizarre aspects of American culture. He drives across the country to capture eccentric and engaging images. Graham's forms of photography range from snapshots to portraits.

4. Sebastiao Salgado

Sebastiao Salgado is a photojournalist that has documented the plight of workers in less developed countries. Originally an economist, he left his job to pursue photography. His depictions of pain and perseverance have won him numerous awards and have been displayed internationally.