4 Great Photography Schools in Pennsylvania

There are many photography Schools Pennsylvania has to offer if you want to pursue a career in photography or a related field. Here is a listing of four of them and a brief description of what they have to offer:

1. The Art Institute of Pennsylvania

The Art Institute of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia. The institute was founded in the year 1971, by Philip Trachtman, and is a designated historical site for the state. Classes and program studies are offered in graphics, visual effects, web design, photography, fashion, video production, filmmaking and more.

2. Oakland Academy of Arts

Oakland Academy of Arts is located in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania. This college offers students programs in art, digital communications, visual design, photography and web design. They have hands-on and intern programs to help students get a taste of the real working world of photography related careers. They have scholarships if students need financial assistance, other than grants and federal loan programs. They also help assist graduates with job placement.

3. Antonelli Institute, Pennsylvania Campus

This college was founded by Severo Antonelli, one of the most famous artist and photographers, in 1938. The school has been home to classes for professional and military photographers. Entry level programs are taught in occupational photography and graphic design and commercial art, as well as creative visual arts.

4. Pennsylvania College of Art and Design

Located in Lancaster, Penn., this school started in 1982. It offers courses in fine arts, photography, illustration and graphic design. The tenure of BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) degree programs is 4 years. Classes are also offered to young people and teens for non credit or credit photography classes and related fields. The school offers liberal arts programs, studio work and a choice of electives.