4 Great Photography Schools in North Carolina

If you live in North Carolina, then check out the great photography schools North Carolina has to offer students. You can take courses in everything from digital photography to art photography and more. Here are some of the great schools to consider:

1. Living Arts College, Raleigh

The Living Arts College offers degrees in digital photography, art and digital design. The school combines hands-on training with instruction from masters in the field. They also teach about advertising yourself and what your new role will be when you graduate.

2. The School of Communication Arts, Raleigh

The School of Communication Arts offers degrees in digital imaging, with classes in filmmaking, digital audio, photography and communications. You will get hands-on training at the school's studios from professional photographers.

3. The Art Institutes, Charlotte

The Art Institutes campuses offer degrees in photography, with a selection of classes online, at night, on weekends or during the day. The school also offers a chance for additional hands-on practical work with part time and freelance opportunities in the photography field. Job placement is also part of the help you'll receive after graduation.

4. Harrington College of Design

The Harrington College of Design offers a degree in Applied Science of Digital Photography. You will learn how to operate a digital camera, how to use proper lighting and the business angles of being a photographer.