4 Event Photography Tips

If you want to specialize in event photography, take these tips into consideration.

Step 1 - Learn the Event

There are so many different types of events you can photograph. Each of these types of events have different rules. If you are going to photograph basketball, for example, it is a good idea for you to understand how the game of basketball works and how players move around on the court. If you are photographing football, you should know how the game can and may play out. The more you can anticipate a player's moves, the more likely you will be to capture the winning shot.

Aside from sports, you may look to become a photographer that takes photos of weddings or photos of birthday parties. It is a good idea to understand how a wedding will unfold or what may happen at a particular party, be it blowing out candles or toasts made by friends and family. 

Step 2 - Take Close-Ups

Events are most memorable when you have shots of the faces of different people, actors or players. Make sure you adequately photograph the important people at the event. If you are shooting a sporting event, you will want to capture the essence of that particular frame. For example, is the person determined? Are they anxious? No matter what event you may be photographing, taking close up photos will help to show how a person is feeling or reacting to the moment.

Step 3 - Shoot Quick Sets

If you are photographing a fast paced event or an event with a lot of different emotion and movement, you will not have time to think. You will need to setup for a photo opportunity and shoot three, four or even five different shots in succession. This will insure you get some of the small movements you may have not been able to see to the naked eye. You will be surprised how many great event photographs are taken using this methodology.

Step 4 - Get there Early, Exit Last

This is almost the cardinal rule for any event photographer. You must get to your event early. It is sometimes even helpful to be the first one to arrive. The second part of this rule is also important. What is it? Never be the first to leave, and in fact, be the last. Being the last one to leave at the event will give you enough time to get as many camera shots in as possible.

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