4 Completely Unique Digital Wedding Photography Techniques

Digital Wedding photography is an art which takes plenty of patience to master properly. There are certain techniques which will be useful at any wedding. By mastering these different techniques you will be able to become an expert at wedding day photography.

Digital cameras have made it easier and more convenient to take photos without worrying about using expensive film. However, it doesn't make photography an easier skill to master.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camera Memory Card
  • Computer
  • Subjects to Practice With

Step 1 - Taking Portraits

Portraits are some of the most popular types of shots in wedding photography. The bride and groom normally want some form of wedding portrait together. The best thing about these photographs is that they are staged, meaning you arrange the subjects' positions. If you make a mistake, then you can simply take another picture.

Formal portraits can take a long time to complete because you have the opportunity to take the photo again and again until you are happy with it.

It might be advisable to take the staged portrait shots of the children in the bridal party first to ensure that they do not to lose interest.

Step 2 - Candid Shots

Taking candid photos is a great way to capture the subtle moments of the wedding and reception. You don't need to prepare for these photos; you just need to keep your camera close to hand. You might get some shots of children being funny, or you might get memorable family members captured timelessly on film.

Step 3 - Reporting the Event

Treat the wedding like a news event and be sure to capture all of the major events. Make sure that the photos include the cutting of the cake, the toasts, and of course bouquet toss. Refer to the wedding program; each event will be listed with an approximate time.

Step 4 - Editing Photos

The beauty about digital cameras is they make editing photos much easier. You can take a photo using your digital camera and then load it onto your computer in a matter of seconds. This makes it possible to edit photographs very easily and quickly. There are numerous filters which can be applied to any photo including some that make the photos look older, softer or achieve different effects.

A powerful photo-editing program will make this possible. Sepia or black and white pictures can make certain shots look amazing. If you have the correct software, it's possible to fill in just a few areas with color while leaving the rest as black and white or sepia.

When you've mastered all of these unique digital wedding photography tips you will be able to become a much more experienced and professional wedding photographer.

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