4 Common Photography Course Topics

Looking to get into developing photography courses? You should start with a subject matter you know and a subject matter you enjoy. Do not spend time developing and putting together courses on things you have little knowledge in. Your experience and your enjoyment of photography will shine when you talk about things you like. To give you a head start on your research, here are a few common course topics you can start your teaching lessons with.

1 - Photo Editing

Everyone wants to learn how to edit their photos. This includes everything from digital re-touching to re-making someone's facial features or air brushing their skin. How do the pros do it? How do they make a model look so picture perfect? This course is intended to take the students on a journey through different photo editing software. It will focus on basic photo editing techniques and it will also begin to delve into some of the more sophisticated options. This class ultimately should also be combined with a practical workshop so the students have an opportunity to practice the skills they have been taught.

2 - Photography Lenses

When you buy a camera, it generally does not come equipped with a lens. You can purchase a lens kit, but they often are packed with poor quality lenses and lenses that you will never need or use for your domain of expertise. This course focuses solely on discussing the different types of lenses. The course focuses on teaching the students how to use the lenses and when to use them. It will discuss different types of photography and where to find subjects worth photographing. It also contains information about which lens is appropriate for use in which situation, and why.

3 - Stock Photography

This course design focuses completely on how you can make money from all the photos you have taken. It caters to showing photographers how they can make money from their works of art. It is designed to lay out the elements of stock photography. An overview about copyright and licensing should be provided, and it should discuss the different methods which need to be considered and pursued to get your photos in front of an audience.

4 - Waterproof Digital Cameras

Under seas diving and capturing sea or ocean wildlife is not only a great pastime but is also a money-making business. In order to do this properly, you need to have the use of a digital camera that is waterproof. Like anything else, there are many choices and there are several elements that must be considered before you execute your purchase. This course describes the different aspects and components of a waterproof digital camera, including usage, pros, and cons.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: