4 Black And White Pictures to Study for Aspiring Pros

Black and white pictures give off that classic appeal, making them more striking and giving them class. They represent the basis of photography; they show the simple difference between black and white and light and dark. It is therefore important to understand them by studying these photos, which clearly define how these pictures should be taken.

1. Porcelain Pear by Dawn Le Blanc

In this photo, you can clearly see the surface of the pear and you can almost feel its texture just by looking at it. The shades of black and gray clearly define its message.

2. Feather Study by Keith Dotson

This photo shows the intricacies of the structure of a feather through black and white. It clearly defines the construction of the feather as the gray fades into the black and into the white.

3. Pelican Model Behavior II by Diana Claxton

Here, the bird is probably scratching itself, but the way it was shot makes it appear as much more. The contrast of the pitch-dark background to the color shading of the bird gives it more character and evokes an emotion for the viewer.

4. Sad Labrador by Justin Paget

You can actually feel the sadness of the dog in this photo. The dark background with the ray of light clearly defines this. This reflects the power of black and white photographs to portray emotion.