3 Websites that Offer Photography Courses from the Masters

Photography courses are all over the Internet. There are lots of masters of photography that want to help out up-and-coming photographers. The online sources range from providing answers to questions to giving full courses online. Here are a couple websites for expert advice.

1. Betterphoto

This website gives you feedback on your photos. It has helpful tips from experts. They are there to offer help and can chat from time to time. They base your skill level on a test of five questions and then they put you in photography courses based on your score. There are nine different photography course categories to learn from. They have classes for beginners all the way up to advanced photographers.

2. Photography

This is a great place to get advise, but you will not get just one opinion. This is a forum of expert photographers. It's a good resource because you will need to know more than one way to photograph a subject.

3. Photoeducation

This website is a good access point for videos that have been created by expert photographers. This site covers posing people for pictures, digital photos, black and white photos and lots more. The website also has a list of photography schools it would recommend for new photographers. This website allows you to purchase online videos and DVDs for photography courses by the masters right from the website.