3 Websites for Master Landscape Photographers

It takes a special kind of eye and skill for landscape photographers to practice their craft and artistry. Capturing the beauty and essence of nature in a photograph can be considered a work of art. If you want to consider landscape photography as a craft or career choice, browse through some of the websites of master landscape photographers:

1. PatrickDieudonne.com

This is the official website of former French Literature teacher and now professional landscape photographer Patrick Dieudonne. His works are internationally multi-awarded and are distributed worldwide through three of the world’s leading online photography sites.

2. AnselAdams.com

Known as one of the fathers of most landscape photographers, he is also known as the inventor of the “zone system” and has set the standard for most black and white landscape photography. Ansel Adams remains as one of the most influential authorities in landscaping and black and white photography.

3. MuenchPhotography.com

David Muench has been a landscape photographer for over half a century and is internationally renowned. His 4 x 5 format is a known signature for him and he has recently gotten into digital photography as well. Other than his black and white masterpieces, he is now hailed as one of the contemporary masters of landscape photos of the American wilderness.