3 Websites for Free Photography Lessons

Free photography lessons can be found on the Internet. When there are resources that can help expand your skill set at no charge, you should take advantage of them. This is especially true of photography lessons. There are some amazing resources for free lessons on the web. Here are some of the more popular ones.

1. Photographycourse

This is a great resource for lessons. The beauty of this site is that it is offered online. It offers a free introductory course so that you can see if you want to continue your education with the site. Classes are offered that teach the basics of film, optics, cameras, lights and basic fundamentals of photography.

2. Basicdigitalphotography

This is another free website for beginners. It does not use the technical terms for photography, so it is easier to understand. The website offers lessons in taking pictures, sharing pictures and editing them.

3. Youtube: You Tube is actually a great way to learn all kinds of skills. There are lots of different photography lessons on You Tube. You can find everything on the site from digital photography lessons to developing your own pictures. Sometimes it is easier to learn by watching someone else.

4.  Webphotoschool

This website takes a different approach to online photography lessons. You sign up for a membership with this site and it will let you know when new lessons have been posted. They are typically posted around twice a month.