3 Tips to Start a Career in Baby Photography

Baby photography is second only to wedding photography as the most lucrative photographic career in the photography industry. Mothers, father, aunts and uncles all want a photograph of the little darling. When you decide to pursue this career, there are several things you need to take into account.

1. Create a Portfolio

A portfolio is your showcase. Without it, you are talking to people who are in the dark as to what you can produce and what your prices are. Take photos of every baby you know. Go armed with a release for the parents to sign, which authorizes you to display their child’s photo either online or in your portfolio.

2. Use Props

Props can come in a variety of ways. Anything that will enhance the photos can be used, from and egg cup to a scenic backdrop. You will also require a backdrop for your baby photography. Make your life easy and use either black or white. This back drop should be wrinkle free so when you cut the baby out, you do not have a lot of clean up work to do.

3. Advertise

Once you have made your portfolio using the props and the borrowed babies, it’s time to advertise. Your best source here would be to print some of the photos and venture down to the local nursery school. You have a ready-made market there, as mothers will all want to have photos taken of their little ones.