3 Tips to Edit Pictures Like the Pros

Part of knowing how to take good pictures is understanding the proper way to edit pictures after you get the digital files back home. If you want to learn how to edit pictures like the pros, then follow these tips:

1. Use Proper Lighting

In order to get the best possible pictures, you have to properly light your subject. If it is too dark or even too bright in some cases, then it doesn’t matter if the picture is lined up perfectly in every other way; it will be ruined without the proper lighting techniques. For example, if you are going to take a regular studio-type picture, you need to set it up using a background screen and photo umbrellas to bounce the light back to the subject where it belongs.

2. Know How to Crop a Photo

Sometimes a simple bit of cropping can turn a so-so picture into a fantastic picture. For instance, if you take a photo and it has far too much headroom, then sometimes it works well to crop the picture so you get rid of a lot of that extra blank space. Knowing how to do this without ruining the picture’s composition is something worth learning how to do the proper way.

3. Know How to Properly Resize a Photo

Resizing is making the photo bigger, such as going from a 5x7 to an 8x10. Make sure you do this from within the edit features of your software and don’t just drag it and make it look larger on the screen. If you do that, the proportions will be all off and your person will look stretched out and not natural.