3 Tips for Superior Event Photography

Booking your first event photography gig is an important milestone in your career. If you do a great job then you're going to be hired again, but if your work is subpar, it's going to be awhile before your next gig. After all, there's a lot of competition out there. Here are three tips for taking superior event photography.

1. Have a Schedule

Prior to the event, you should sit down for a few minutes with the person that hired you so that you can go over the schedule for the event. This is also a great opportunity to have an idea of what and who they specifically want you to cover. This little bit of preparation will have a huge impact on how your client judges your final work.

2. Be Focused

You are at the event to work. Events only last for a few hours and during that time you need to be constantly looking for great shots. If you slack off and miss something important, then there is no way that you can get the people there to recreate that photo later. 

3. Shoot a Lot 

Make sure that you have a few memory cards on hand because you are going to need to shoot a lot of photos. The more photos you can show the client at the end of the day the better.